Strategic Thinking for Board Directors & Leaders


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In today's fast-paced and dynamic business environment, the ability to think strategically is no longer an option; it's a fundamental skill that empowers leaders to steer their organizations with foresight, resilience, and adaptability.

Leaders who excel in strategic thinking not only navigate challenges more effectively but also capitalize on opportunities for growth and innovation. This SEC-accredited training will equip you with the optimal knowledge, competencies, tools, and mindset needed to move, pivot and scale your organization to growth and success.

This program is tailored for board members, executive leaders, senior managers, and decision-makers who are responsible for shaping an organization's strategy and future direction. This is applicable to private corporate entities, nonprofit organization, and government institutions.

Invest and enroll in this training to sharpen the skills of your people in the frontiers of management and in the boardroom!

Course Director & Lecturer

Mr. Phillip R. Ash Ph.D.

He led the leadership training programs at the Asian Development Bank and created its online learning program that provided training and development services that grew to more than 40 online and blended courses. While serving as an advisor to the director-general for finance and human resources for 4 years until May 2013, he also led the re-alignment efforts that transformed ADB’s functional approach towards HR to a more strategic focus.

Prior to that, he also served as dean of the American Sentinel University for two years and change management practice director of Andersen Consulting for 5 years.

Who Should Attend?

  • Board Directors

  • Management Team

  • Business Leaders

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Decision Makers

  • Planning Committees

  • Consultants

  • Anyone who wants to learn Strategic thinking the right way

Course Outline

This SEC-accredited training focuses on creating an understanding of exactly what strategic thinking is, why it is important to all decision makers (business owners, board directors, leaders and managers at all levels), and how to develop your strategic thinking competencies.  This training aims to share insights into how board members can review and assess how effectively the management of their organizations are thinking strategically and how best to provide constructive feedback to executives regarding this important issue.

The world-class training will cover the definitions, contrasting strategic thinking with critical thinking, reviewing strategic thinking processes, and the value that can be created through strategic thinking. The second half of the training reviews the tools, theories, and key concepts associated with strategic thinking. It will also include the different kinds of leadership styles and organizational cultures that support and promote strategic thinking.

This will also review how to develop one’s strategic thinking competency -- focus both on strategic thinking theory, but also emphasize its application through case studies.


A. Definitions of strategic thinking and how it is different from critical thinking.

B. The potential value of strategic thinking in your organization.

C. Process models of strategic thinking.

D. Competencies needed for effective strategic thinking.

E. The importance of research, primarily industry-related research, as a critical input to the strategic thinking process.

F. Case Study – Krispy Cream Donuts

G. The role and importance of a mission/vision statement.

H. The tools and models of strategic thinking.

I. Why do so many strategic thinking systems fail.

J. Which leadership and organizational culture characteristics promote strategic thinking.

K. The impact competency-based strategies and competency-based HR programs can have on strategic thinking.

L. Why understanding Infinite Game Theory and its implications is critical to strategic thinking.

M. How collaboration among a “critical mass” of strategic thinkers is important, and why so many organizations fail to achieve this “critical mass.”

N. How to evaluate the levels and effectiveness of strategic thinking in your organization.

O. Question-and-Answer Segment

This training is accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a corporate governance topic. This is applicable to private corporate entities, nonprofit organization, and government institutions.

Attendees from the government are exempted from the P2,000.00 limit set by COA for attending training provided by the private sector based on Department of Budget and Management Circular No. 563 dated April 22, 2016.

Attending this training is not covered by Philippine Procurement Law or RA 9184 based on its Revised IRR’s Section 4.5-b. which classifies training continuing education, conferences and similar activities as "non-procurement activities that shall be governed by applicable COA, CSC, and DBM rules".
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