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Course Description

This training is to guide all employees of the national government agencies (including state colleges and universities), GOCCs with original charters, and LGUs on the Civil Service Commission's Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions 2017, ORAOHRA Revised Rules 2018, updates and amendments up to 2021.

It’s your business to know these rules to protect your rights as a government employee, to clearly understand your responsibilities and liabilities as HR manager or head of your institution, and to know how to handle or decide cases as a member of the mediation/ arbitration board, prosecutor, ombudsman, judge or justice of the judiciary.

Enroll and learn everything you need to know about the Philippine government's CSC rules on appointments and other human resource actions pertaining to recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, transfer, reappointment, reassignment, reinstatement, reemployment, reclassification, detail, secondment, demotion, resignation, retirement, separation, appeals process, and prohibitions on appointments.

Course Director & Lecturer

Ms. Azucena Perez-Esleta CESO IV

She recently finished her term as the Director in-charge of the Human Resource Policies and Standards Office at the Civil Service Commission. Among many other achievements, it was during her leadership that the Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other HR Actions were crafted. She was the resource person who led the cascading of the revised policies to agency stakeholders, to all CSC Regional and Field Offices and to many other government institutions.

Who Should Attend?

  • All government employees covered by CSC

  • Heads of Government Institutions

  • Director & Bureau Head

  • HR Managers/ Practitioners

  • Lawyers & Prosecutors

  • Heads and Members of the Mediation/ Arbitration boards

  • Ombudsmen

  • Judges and Justices

  • Consultants

  • Everyone who want to benchmark from CSC rules

Course Outline

General Policies on Appointment


  • General Policies on Appointment
  • Effectivity and Submission of Appointments
  • Disapproval/ Invalidation and Recall of Approval/ Validation of Appointments
    • Prohibitions




Processes for assessing and defining Agency’s staffing demands, making provision for the movement of human resources into, within and out of the organization so that people’s competencies are effectively and efficiently utilized to achieve Agency’s goals.


  • Qualification Standards
  • Employment Status, Nature of Appointment and Other Human Resource Actions
  • Evidence Requirements for PRIME HRM




Processes and strategies for identifying and attracting as many qualified candidates for existing and anticipated vacancies.


  • Publication and Posting of Vacant Positions




Processes for evaluating and selecting most qualified candidates based on objective job related criteria.


Preparing new entrants to the Agency and roles to facilitate integration, performance and promote retention.


  • Agency Merit Selection Plan and Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board
  • Procedures in the Preparation of Appointments
  • Requirements for Regular Appointments
  • Employment Status, Nature of Appointment and Other Human Resource Actions
  • Probationary Period




Modes of Separation


  • Certain Modes of Separation, Documents Required for Record Purposes



Responsibilities of HRMO


  • Responsibilities of the Human Resource Management Officer


Valuable advice on Appeals


This lecture will comprehensively cover all the rules (1 to 13) of the Revised Omnibus Rules on Appointments and other Human Resource Actions with best practices insights to be shared by the lecturer.


This two-session training is highly recommended for all public servants, heads of all branches of government, state universities and colleges, directors and head of bureaus, personnel head, chairpersons and members of the selection committees, prosecutors, lawyers, ombudsmen, judges and justices of the judiciary, arbitration and mediation boards, human resource practitioners, key management officials, and those aspiring to enter public service.


The webinar open to the general public.  Those in the private sector who wants to benchmark on the government’s CSC rules are welcome to attend.


Center for Global Best Practices is a CSC-accredited training provider. Government employees attending this program will earn points for career advancement. Attendees from the government are exempted from the P2,000.00 limit set by COA for attending training provided by the private sector based on Department of Budget and Management Circular No. 563 dated April 22, 2016.


Training investment is inclusive of an e-certificate and a printed learning material:

₱ 4,880 / person (when you register and pay on or before August 11, 2023)

₱ 5,880 / person (when you register after August 11, 2023)


We encourage those interested to attend to register and pay at least 15 days prior to the scheduled training to ensure that the printed manual is delivered prior to the webinar schedule. Courier services need a lead time of 2 weeks specially in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.

Attendees from the government are exempted from the P2,000.00 limit set by COA for attending training provided by the private sector based on Department of Budget and Management Circular No. 563 dated April 22, 2016.

Attending this training is not covered by Philippine Procurement Law or RA 9184 based on its Revised IRR’s Section 4.5-b. which classifies training continuing education, conferences and similar activities as "non-procurement activities that shall be governed by applicable COA, CSC, and DBM rules".
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