Learn San Francisco and Silicon Valley's secrets to success and discover why their ecosystem is the epicenter of innovative products and services on the planet!

In this immersion program, you will get a chance to explore various companies in the area, including their post-pandemic business models, strategic initiatives, real-world challenges and even unique work cultures – making them highly competitive, resilient, and innovative.

You will have a chance to hear stories from and network with local entrepreneurs, investors, advocates, policymakers, and other players and stakeholders. You will also experience the diverse but inclusive political, economic, social, and cultural workings of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley ecosystems.

As a bonus, you will be captivated by San Francisco’s charm and wit while visiting its renowned cultural spaces and urban landscape.

After the immersion, our goal is to help you make better business decisions and return home with inspiration, knowledge and best practices that you can apply to your own organization.


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