Certification Course for Tax Compliance Specialist


Training investment is inclusive of Resource Kit & Certificate of Completion

P 24,880.00 / person - when you register and pay on or before July 15

P 28,880.00 / person - Regular Rate


SESSION 1: TUESDAY,       AUGUST 15, 2023 * 1:30PM TO 4:45PM  | ZOOM

SESSION 2: TUESDAY,       AUGUST 22, 2023 * 1:30PM TO 4:45PM  | ZOOM

SESSION 3: TUESDAY,       AUGUST 29, 2023 * 1:30PM TO 4:45PM  | ZOOM

SESSION 4: TUESDAY,  SEPTEMBER   5, 2023 * 1:30PM TO 4:45PM  | ZOOM

SESSION 5: TUESDAY,  SEPTEMBER 12, 2023 * 1:30PM TO 4:45PM  | ZOOM


Course Director & Lecturer

Atty. Adrian Francis S. Bustos

He is a lawyer specializing in tax, corporate, investments, securities, and commercial transactions. He is the Managing Director of a tax, accounting and corporate consultancy firm providing services such as bookkeeping and payroll, tax filing and compliance, BIR audits and assessments, tax planning and advisory, corporate housekeeping, business registrations, and investment structuring.

His other positions include: Senior Legal Advisor of an investment and transaction advisory firm for infrastructure projects; Special Counsel at a full-service law firm; Legal Counsel of a fintech company; Director for Legal of an IT company in the field of broadcast and telecommunications; and Finance Head of a manpower company operating and deploying human resources nationwide.

In his decade of legal practice, he has handled various companies addressing different legal issues while sitting as corporate secretary or assistant corporate secretary in more than 30 of them, 5 of which are public and/or listed companies. He obtained his business degree from the UP College of Business Administration, where he was previously a faculty member teaching taxation, and his law degree from the UP College of Law, where he is presently a faculty member teaching taxation among others.

Course Outline


Part I: Introduction

           - Focus and Importance
              o BIR and LGU
              o Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Corporation
              o Tax Deficiency Assessment or Tax Refund Application

           - Taxes Covered
              o BIR
                 - Income Tax
                 - Value-Added Tax
                 - Percentage Tax
                 - Excise Tax
                 - Documentary Stamp Tax
              o LGU
                 - Local Business Tax

           - Tax Authorities in the Philippines
              o BIR
              o LGU
              o BOC

Part II: Business Registration

           - Considerations and Options
              o Sole Proprietorship versus Partnership versus Corporation
                 - Classification of Individual Taxpayers
                 - Classification of Corporate Taxpayers
              o VAT versus Non-VAT/ Percentage Tax
              o Specific LGU

           - General Process and Requirements
              o DTI/SEC, LGU, BIR
              o Types of Books

           - Tax Incentives under Special Laws
              o Special Laws


Part III: Compliance and Computation

           - Bookkeeping
              o Concept
              o Books of Accounts
              o Requirement for Independent CPA Audit
              o Proper Issuance of Sales Invoices and Official Receipts
              o Accounting Methods
              o Accounting Periods
              o Requirements for Deductibility of Expenses

           - Modes of Tax Filings
              o Manual
              o eBIRForms
              o eFPS

           - Income Tax
              o Concept
              o Income Tax Rates
              o Global Tax System versus Schedular Tax System
              o Computation

           - Withholding Tax on Compensation
              o Concept
              o WTC Rates
              o General Computation
              o Exceptional Computation

           - Creditable Withholding Tax
              o Concept
              o Taxpayers and Transactions Subject to CWT
              o Computation

           - Final Withholding Taxes
              o Concept
              o Taxpayers and Transactions Subject to FWT
              o Computation

           - Capital Gains Tax
              o Concept
              o Taxpayers and Transactions Subject to CGT
              o Computation

           - Value-Added Tax
              o Concept
              o VAT Rate
              o Different Types of Sales
              o Output VAT versus Input VAT
              o Computation
              o Update Non-VAT to VAT, and vice versa

           - Percentage Tax
              o Concept
              o Percentage Tax Rate
              o Computation
              o Other Types

           - Excise Tax
              o Concept
              o Transactions Subject to ET and Rates
              o Computation

           - Documentary Stamp Tax
              o Concept
              o Transactions Subject to DST and Rates
              o Computation

           - LGU Business Tax
              o Concept
              o LGU Business Tax Rates
              o Computation

           - Payment of Taxes
              o General Rule and Exceptions
              o Modes of Payment

           - Penalties
              o Surcharge
              o Interest
              o Compromise

           - Tax Forms and Filing Deadlines


Part IV: Tax Audit and Assessment

           - Audit Investigation
              o Different BIR Audit and Investigation Programs

           - Assessment and Collection
              o General Rule and Exception
              o Compromise, Abatement or Cancellation of Tax Liabilities
              o Prescription on Assessment and Collection
              o General Process

           - Judicial Processes

SESSION 6 - Whole day with Awarding of Certificates (9:00AM to 5:00PM)

Special Lecture: A New Era of Tax Incentives under CREATE LAW

Part V: Business Closure

           - Importance of Proper Closure
              o Consequences of Failure to Properly Retire the Business

           - General Process and Requirements
              o LGU
              o BIR
              o DTI/SEC

*The hotel venue shall include meals which is part of the training fee.

*Note: This is an SEC-accredited training on Corporate Governance

Attendees from the government are exempted from the P2,000.00 limit set by COA for attending training provided by the private sector based on Department of Budget and Management Circular No. 563 dated April 22, 2016.

Attending this training is not covered by Philippine Procurement Law or RA 9184 based on its Revised IRR’s Section 4.5-b. which classifies training continuing education, conferences and similar activities as "non-procurement activities that shall be governed by applicable COA, CSC, and DBM rules".
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