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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2021 * 1:30PM TO 4:45PM * via zoom logo

With the rise of social media and the challenges brought about by the pandemic, the battleground is shifting in multiple platforms in gaining voters. There are new tricks, effective ways and legal means to win in the upcoming elections. Political parties, party-list organizations, and individuals who want to ensure their victory must plan and prepare way ahead of the 2022 elections.

This pioneering webinar will provide you the framework and strategies from pre-election to proclamation including the managing the machinery, the resources needed, the methods, and the messaging to win as a candidate or as a party list organization.

Those who fail to attend will miss many things that their opponents could exploit to cause your defeat even before the elections. Whether you are a local or a national candidate, this webinar is applicable for you. Are you really ready? Enroll and let us help you win in this election!
Course Director & Lecturer:

Dr. Edwin Chinel Monares
- He has built his reputation based on his "Big WIN Framework" wherein his campaign strategies and approaches have successfully engineered big, sweeping and dramatic victories of the entire slate of candidates in various local elective positions. He serves as resource person on specialized training programs including topics on campaign management.

He is the founder and CEO of the Global Zenith Research and Consulting, Inc. which specializes on Polling, and Campaign Management. He is also a consultant to national agencies and local government units.

He is a Doctor in Public Administration with a Bachelorís Degree in Political Science. He is a graduate school special lecturer on various graduate studies subjects.

Currently, he is the Provincial Administrator of the Province of Capiz and the Secretary General of the Kabalaka Peopleís Party, a local party in Capiz.
Who Should Attend:
   - Election Candidates & Operators
   - Political Party & Party-List Officers
   - Political Strategists
   - Campaign Managers &
   - Financiers & Funders
   - Media Practitioners
   - Stakeholders & PR Specialists
   - Anyone interested in running
     for public office

Limited Slots Only, Pre-Registration Required

*Training investment inclusive of
an e-certificate and a printed learning material

  P 2,880 (when you register and pay
                on or before Oct. 13)
  P 3,880 (when you register and pay
                after Oct. 13)

Add P450 for a printed copy of a certificate of attendance inclusive of delivery charge



Saturday, November 13, 2021 * 1:30pm to 4:45pm * via zoom logo

Course Outline

I.      Introduction
        A. Sun Tzu
        B. Malcolm Gladwell

II.     Context of the 2022 Election
        A. Presidential
        B. Political Equation
        C. USA Election and Automated Election
        D. Pandemic

III.    Benchmarking Political Equity
        A. Awareness/ Popularity Rating
        B. Satisfaction/ Approval Rating
        C. Trust Rating
        D. Pre-election Preference
        E. Tenacity of Choice

IV.    Framework of Winning an Election
        A. Managing the Candidate
            1. Branding and Positioning
            2. Touch points Management
            3. Issue Management
            4. Candidate Management

        B. Managing the Massage
            1. Brand Promise
            2. Communication Plan
            3. Campaign Collateral Management
            4. Public Relations

        C. Managing the Machinery
            1. Structuring and Staffing
            2. Vote Targeting System
            3. Mobilization Management
            4. Performance Monitoring

        D. Managing the Resources Needed
            1. Campaign Budget
            2. Resource Mobilization
            3. Internal Control
            4. Logistics

        E. Managing the Method
            1. Scientific Research and Analytics
            2. Campaign Road mapping
            3. IT enabled Campaign Dashboard
            4. Tactical and Operational Plans

V.     Setting the Strategic Goal of a Winning Campaign
        A. Locus of the Campaign
        B. Focus of the Campaign

VI.    Strategic Imperatives
        A. A-accelerate
        B. B-build
        C. C- capitalize
        D. D-demolish



The Center for Global Best Practices also provides in-house training and offers professional consulting service to help organizations comply with the mandated requirement of the National Privacy Commission.

Contact details for your training or consulting requirement/s:
(+63 2) 8842-7148 or 59
(+63 2) 8556-8968 or 69


*Training investment inclusive of an e-certificate and a printed learning material

      P 2,880 (when you register and pay on or before October 13)
      P 3,880 (when you register and pay after October 13)

*Optional: Add P450 for a printed copy of a certificate of attendance inclusive of delivery charge

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Download: Flyer - Black&White (.PDF 406kb)
                          Course Outline (.PDF 366kb)