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THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2020 * 9:00AM to 5:00PM

This training aims to equip business owners, board directors and management with a simplified real-world approach to business tax compliance from-end to-end: business registration, all going-concern national and local taxes from tax filing to payments all the way to business closures.

Its practical approach will make rather overwhelming concepts, computations and procedures easy to digest and comprehend for business owners and management so they can competently manage and address tax matters to save them from tax troubles. This program is also for accountants, lawyers, and consultants to advance theoretical knowledge and apply it to actual implementable and actionable advice and recommendations that can be provided to clients and employers.
   Limited Seats Only, Pre-Registration Required


   Contact Person: Aiza Cuenca
   Manila lines: (+632) 8556-8968 or 69
Telefax: (+632) 8842-7148 or 59
Cebu Lines: (+63 32) 512-3106 or 07

Course Director and Lecturer: Atty. Adrian S. Bustos is a lawyer specializing in tax and corporate law. He is the Managing Director of a tax, accounting and corporate consultancy firm providing services such as accounting bookkeeping and payroll, tax filing and compliance, BIR audit and assessments, tax planning and advisory, corporate housekeeping, business registrations, and investment structuring. He is also a Senior Tax and Legal Advisor of an investment and transaction advisory firm handling infrastructure projects with a special focus on energy and transportation projects. He likewise serves as director, tax consultant and legal counsel in various companies.

Using his trademark practical style of teaching, he has lectured in many different seminars on taxation, accounting, corporate housekeeping, commercial transactions, and contracts. He was a Senior Lecturer on Taxation for accountancy students at the University of the Philippines.

His previous positions include Senior Associate of a law firm specializing in tax, corporate and investments; Chief Finance Officer of an IT company delivering business solutions globally; Financial Analyst in an investment house doing valuation and financial forecasting for mergers and acquisitions transactions; Corporate Secretary and Assistant Corporate Secretary in more than 30 companies, 5 of which are public and/or listed companies. He obtained both his law and business degree (major in finance) from the University of the Philippines.

    Who Should Attend:

      • Business Owners
      • Presidents, CEOs, CFOs
      • Members of the Board and

      • Accountants, CPAs
      • Compliance Officers
      • Tax Practitioners
      • Business Consultants and
     • Lawyers

This Training is Open
to the General Public


   Training Fee:

     P7,980 if you register and pay on or      before March 16, 2020
   P9,280 Regular Training Fee

   (inclusive of Meals, Resource Kit, &
   Certificate of Attendance)


9:00AM to 5:00PM, THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2020

Course Outline

      • Focus and Importance
            o BIR and LGU
            o Sole Proprietorships and Corporations
            o Tax Deficiency Assessment or Tax Refund Application

      •Taxes Covered
            o BIR
                 • Income Tax
                 • Value-Added Tax / Percentage Tax
                 • Documentary Stamp Tax
            o LGU
                 • Local Business Tax

      •Tax Authorities of the Philippines
            o BIR
            o LGU
            o BOC

Business Registration
      • Considerations and Options
            o Sole Proprietorship versus Corporation
            o VAT versus Non-VAT/Percentage Tax
            o Specific LGU

      • General Process and Requirements
            o DTI/SEC, LGU, BIR
            o Types of Books
            o POS/ CRM/ Sales Machines or Software

        Tax Incentives under Special Laws

Compliance and Computation
            o Concept
            o Books of Accounts
            o Accounting Methods
            o Proper Issuance of Sales Invoices and Official Receipts
            o Requirements for Deductibility of Expenses
            o Requirement for Independent CPA Audit

      • Modes of BIR Tax Filings
            o Manual
            o eBIRForms
            o eFPS

      • Income Tax
            o Concept
            o Income Tax Rates
            o Global Tax System versus Schedular Tax System
            o Computation
            o Itemized Deduction vs. Optional Standard Deduction (OSD)
                 Allowable Itemized Deductions
                 •Net Operating Loss Carry Over (NOLCO)
                 •Tax Rates
                     • Regular Tax Rates
                         o 8% versus Graduated Tax Rates on Individuals
                         o Corporate Tax Rate
                     •Minimum Corporate Income Tax (MCIT)
                  Deductions from Income Tax Payable
                     •Creditable Withholding Tax
                     •Other Tax Credits
            o Income Tax Filings
                 •Persons Required to File Income Tax Returns
                 •Forms and Attachments
                 •Filing Dates

      • Value-Added Tax (VAT)
            o Concept
            o VAT Rate
            o Different Types of Sales
            o Output VAT versus Input VAT
            o Computation
            o VAT Filings
                     •Persons Required to File VAT Returns
                     •Forms and Attachments
                     •Filing Dates
            o Update Non-VAT to VAT, and vice versa

      • Percentage Tax
            o Concept
            o Percentage Tax Rate
            o Computation
            o Percentage Tax Filings
                     •Persons Required to File Percentage Tax Returns
                     •Forms and Attachments
                     •Filing Dates
            o Other Percentage Taxes

      • Withholding Tax on Compensation (WTC)
            o Concept
            o WTC Rate
            o Computation
            o WTC Filings
                     •Persons Required to File WTC Returns
                     •Forms and Attachments
                     •Filing Dates
            o Structuring Compensation
                     •Non-Taxable Compensation
                     •De Minimis Benefits
                     •Fringe Benefits
                     •Other Deductions from Taxable Compensation

      • Creditable Withholding Tax (commonly referred as Expanded Withholding Tax [EWT])
            o Concept
            o Taxpayers and Transactions Subject to EWT
            o EWT Rates
            o CWT Filings
                     •Persons Required to File CWT Returns
                     •Forms and Attachments
                     •Filing Dates

      • Final Withholding Taxes (FWT)
            o Concept
            o Income Types Subject to FWT
            o FWT Rates
            o FWT Filings
                     •Persons Required to File FWT Returns
                     •Forms and Attachments
                     •Filing Dates

      • LGU Business Tax
            o Concept
            o LGU Business Tax Rates
            o Computation
            o LGU Business Tax Filings
                     •Persons Required to File FWT Returns
                     •Forms and Attachments
                     •Filing Dates

      • Other Taxes
            o Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
            o Documentary Stamp Tax (DST)
            o Excise Tax
            o Donor's Tax
            o Real Property Tax
            o Customs Duties and Taxes
            o Community Tax

      • Other Filings

      • Payment of Taxes
            o General Rule and Exceptions
            o Modes of Payment

      • Penalties
            o Surcharge
            o Interest
            o Compromise

Tax Audit and Assessment
      • Audit and Investigation
            o DIfferent BIR Audit and Investigation Programs
      • Assessment and Collection
            o General Rule and Exception
            o Compromise, Abatement or Cancellation of Tax Liabilities
            o Prescription on Assessment and Collection
            o Process and Periods
      • Judicial Processes
            o Civil and Criminal
            o Jurisdiction

Business Closure
      • Importance of Proper Closure
      • General Process and Requirements
            o DTI/SEC
            o LGU
            o BIR



  P7,980 if you register and pay on or before March 16, 2020

  P9,280 Regular Training Fee

   inclusive of Meals, Resource Kit, &Certificate of Attendance

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Download: Flyer - Black&White (.PDF 396kb)
                         Course Outline (.PDF 116kb)