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TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2023 * 1:30PM TO 4:45PM * via zoom logo

Whether you are planning to launch a new business, expanding your existing one or a charity seeking to support a worthy cause, crowdfunding can help you raise the funds you need to succeed.

Over the years, crowdfunding has become a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way we think about fundraising in the Philippines especially when traditional funding sources are limited.

This 3-hour online training will walk you through the crowdfunding guidelines for businesses set forth by the SEC or for charities set forth by DSWD, including registration, use of funds, disclosure requirements, transparency reports, investor protection and many more!

This pioneering webinar will open a window of opportunity to tap into the power of the crowd using your chosen platform where you can showcase your ideas, connect with people and attract financial support.

Crowdfunding could be the perfect solution to your need! Enroll!
Course Director & Lecturer: Atty. Rafael Angelo M. Padilla

He is a leading voice, pioneer, and legal practitioner in the area of technology law, fintech and blockchain.

He is a specialist who:
- provides guidance on law and policy for government institutions and how
  the private sector could participate in these emerging technologies;
- presents legal solutions and advice concerning regulatory implications
  of financial technology applications;
- manages the legal and compliance requirements of fintech companies.

He is also tapped to do lectures at the BSP’s Anti-Money Laundering Council; DOF’s Bureau of Treasury; Securities and Exchange Commission; Department of Trade and Industry; Cagayan Economic Zone Authority; Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority; and several other government agencies.

He is a co-founder of Block Devs Asia Inc., co-founder of Blockchain Association of the Philippines, and legal director at Farcove Network Ltd.

He is also a professor at the San Beda Law School Alabang.
Who Should Attend:

    Donors, venture capitalists,
    entrepreneurs, non-government
    organizations (NGOs, charitable
    institutions) and everyone interested
    to raise funds online through crowd

    This is also useful for lawyers who
    want to understand the legal aspects
    of crowdfunding.

Limited Slots Only, Pre-Registration Required

*Training investment inclusive of an e-certificate and a printed learning material

  - P 2,980 / person (when you register
    and pay on or before March 25)

  - P 3,980 / person (when you register
    and pay after March 25)

*Optional: Add P450 for a printed copy of a certificate of completion inclusive of delivery charge


    Contact Person:    Camille Jonas     Manila:       (+632) 8556-8968 or 69
    Telefax:      (+632) 8842-7148 or 59


Tuesday, April 25, 2023 * 1:30PM TO 4:45M * via zoom logo

Course Outline

Part 1: Crowdfunding in General

            1. Crowdfunding as alternative financing
            2. Commercial and historical background
            3. Different types of crowdfunding
            4. Crowdfunding in selected key markets
                a. United States
                b. European Union
                c. China

Part 2: Crowdfunding Securities

            1. SEC Crowdfunding Regulation in focus
            2. Equity crowdfunding
            3. Debt-based crowdfunding
            4. Crowdlending or peer-to-peer platforms
            5. Parties involved in crowdfunding
            6. Crowdfunding intermediary
            7. Managing conflict of interest
            8. Crowdfunding issuer
            9. Requirements for intermediaries
            10. Disclosure requirements
            11. Prudential requirements
            12. Fraud risk mitigation
            13. Disqualification provisions
            14. Account opening; educational materials
            15. Anti-touting provision
            16. Issuer information
            17. Communications channels
            18. Resale of crowdfunding securities
            19. Maintenance and transmission of funds
            20. Cancellation rights (“cooling-off period”)
            21. Failure to complete offering
            22. Loan enforcement for crowdlending platforms
            23. Contingency fund
            24. Registration of funding portals
            25. Anti-money laundering and combating of terrorist financing
            26. Corporate governance
            27. Confidentiality and privacy of transactions
            28. Reporting

Part 3: Community Crowdfunding

            1. Community crowdfunding are generally not subject to SEC rules
            2. Donations-based crowdfunding
            3. Rules for public solicitation
                a. Public Solicitation Law
                b. Implementing rules issued by DSWD
            4. Rewards-based crowdfunding
                a. Consumer Act
                b. E-Consumer Protection Regulation

Part 4: Apps and Tools

Part 5: Conclusion

            1. Summing up
            2. Recommendations on best practices
            3. Questions and answers
            4. Takeaways


Training investment inclusive of an e-certificate and a printed learning material

      P 2,980 / person (when you register and pay on or before March 25)
      P 3,980 / person (when you register and pay after March 25)

*Optional: Add P450 for a printed copy of a certificate of completion inclusive of delivery charge


CGBP also accepts in-house training and consulting for individuals, families, and corporate clients
You may call Center for Global Best Practices:
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