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Saturday, 11 October 2014 * 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Your wealth or popularity attracts attention. You and your family become a target of bad publicity and criminals. High net-worth is high risk. Many don’t realize this until they or their families become victims of crimes including kidnap-for-ransom, extortion, scams, stalking, unwanted public exposures vs paparazzi, and many more! Wealth creation and preservation should go hand in hand with personal and family protection. Be proactive and do risk management for you and your family’s personal safety. At times you become so busy you forget to address this vital issue until it hits you and your family. Don’t be a victim! An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

All you have to do is enroll and spend time with your family and loved ones one Saturday with us and we will teach you simple to complex measures on the best practices in security, safety and crisis management. This program will be conducted in collaboration with a global firm – Kroll – an international technology-enabled intelligence organization renowned and highly respected in the field of investigative work, security and wealth protection. They have a strong presence the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. We’re flying in the expert. Attend!

   Limited Seats Only, Pre-Registration Required

   Avail of Early Bird and

   Contact Person: Hannah Yambao
   Manila lines (+632) 556-8968 or 69
   Manila Telefax (+632) 842-7148 or 59
   Cebu lines (+63 32) 512-3106 or 07

   Seminar Investment is P8,980
  inclusive of Buffet Lunch, AM & PM snacks, Resource Kit, I.D. and Certificate of Attendance

About the Lecturer: Ilya A. Umanskiy, PSP is an Associate Director in-charge of security practices of  practice of Kroll based in Hongkong. He has extensive experience in security planning and risk management for senior to top executives, private individuals and High-Net-Worth families. He has led diverse security projects globally in all world regions from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo.  With his expertise, he has helped many individuals and organizations in their security concerns either on a personal or business-related safety challenges. 

    Who Should Attend:

     •   Business Owners
         Senior to Top Executives
     •   Board Directors
     •   High Net-worth Individuals
         and their Families
     •   VIPs and Celebrities
     •   Security Consultants
     •   Anyone who wish to learn
         this important topic.

Business World Online International Chamber of Commerce Tri-ISys Forbes College

Best Security and Safety Practices for
Business Owners, Top Executives, High Net-worth Individuals & Their Families

9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday, October 11, 2014
Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines


1. Introduction to Global Best Practice Risk Management Structure
          a. Readiness
          b. Response
          c. Recovery

2. Readiness - mitigating risk and preparing for incidents
          a. Personal and family risk assessment and risk treatment process - Understanding your risk exposure, mitigating the risks where               possible and building culture of awareness
          b. Homes and offices security reviews - Based on global best practice of integrated Operational, Architectural, and Technical security               controls
          c. Cyber Risk review - Understanding your information security exposure
          d. Incident Management Team - Creating a structure with family offices, legal team, PR team, security team, business associates,               drivers, staff, assistants
          e. Crisis training for family members - ‘Actions-on’ development for risk scenarios
          f. Crisis planning - Table-top planning exercises with Incident Management Team
          g. Intelligence Reporting - Monitoring the dynamic risk and threat environment, mapping the risks and threat individuals and groups               that may threaten the family
          h. Travel Security planning - Risk planning for all business and personal travel
          i. Executive Protection - Working with a trustworthy provider, understanding what you should be expected of close protection              operators
          j. Service provider due diligence - Setting up a process for assessing the risk of service providers to the family and for managing              their access

3. Response - managing incidents
          a. Establishing the facts - What has happened? Liaison with private investigations companies and public agencies.
          b. Incident Management Team (IMT) - Incident management and coordination
          c. PR support - Managing the reputation and the public perception of the family. Preventing media intrusions and managing the               narrative
          d. Medical Support
          e. Security Support
          f. Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion Support - Kidnapping avoidance and survival; practical measures
          g. Evacuation Support
          h. Threat Intelligence Reporting - Ongoing monitoring of the developing situation
          i. Emergency Services Liaison - Using known points of contact in public bodies that are sympathetic to the family and trustworthy              with the information
          j. Governmental Engagement - Using influence networks to manage the incident
          k. Financial Planning - Liaison with family financial managers

4. Recovery - returning to normality
          a. Post-incident Investigation - What happened? Where was the failure?
          b. Failure mitigation – Preventing future incidents
          c. Ongoing PR support - Supporting reputational recovery, suppressing media interest

5. Case Study - HNW family hit by crisis in London 2012
          a. Drug-related death in high-profile London-based family
          b. Experiences of managing the security of the home
          c. Experiences of managing the reputation of the family
          d. Experiences of protecting the individuals and the businesses

SEMINAR FEE PER PERSON: P8,980 (Fee covers Meals, Resource Kit, Certificate of Attendance) 


Less 5% for early registrants (on registrations made on or before September 11, 2014)
Less 5% for early payment (if made on or before October 1, 2014)
Less 5% for group registration (minimum of 3 participants)

REGISTER NOW to avail of Early Bird and Group DISCOUNTS
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Download: Flyer - Black&White (.PDF 431kb)
                         Course Outline (.PDF 378kb)