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Successful new products are the lifeblood of every fast moving consumer goods company as old products die off and current ones stagnate. But how should a company decide which new product ideas will take off and how best to identify the one winner among the candidates, the winner which will then be given much advertising and promotion resources? Choosing the winner among the dogs is crucial as mistakes are costly.

Attend this 1-day seminar and learn best practices in the New Product Development Process, including the Stage Gate Process, Market Research Options specific to new products, 10 Drivers of New Product Success. Understand the role of product development, be able to think conceptually about new product portfolios, see the role of good market research and understand the value of being first to market. See real life business examples and 10 principles to successful new products marketing.

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Lecturer: Bienvenido (Pet) S. Bautista, FICD, just retired as EVP and Managing Director of Universal Robina Corporation, and former positions included VP and Area Director for Kraft Foods SEA, President of San Miguel Beer, President of San Miguel Food Group, President of Kraft General Foods and President of Warner Lambert Indonesia.

He started his career as a salesman, moved on to Marketing and General Management and has exactly 40 years of experience in both Pharmaceutical and Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies both here and abroad. He is an Agora Awardee for Excellence in Marketing Management (1994), a CEO Excel Award of Excellence in 2005 by the International Association of Business Communicators, and a 2006 Executive of the year Award by the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals, Inc. He holds a BS in Economics, completed his academics for an MBM, both from the Ateneo de Manila. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors.
   Who Should Attend:

   All business decision-makers
   & stakeholders who are
   interested to develop and
   market new products


   Seminar Investment is P7,980
   inclusive of Meals, Resource Kit, &
   Certificate of Attendance
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Best Practices in New Consumer Product Development & New Product Marketing

Driving Business Growth Through Successful New Products

The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, Philippines
Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00pm, September 2, 2011

Course Outline

I.      Objectives Setting for Product Development Process

II.      Hierarchical Guide for Product Development

III.    Companies Need to Address Strategic Planning on Several Levels

IV.    The Reality of Most Product Development Processes

V.     The Need for On-going New Product Development
        A. Life Cycles
        B. Competition
        C. Consumer/Customer Needs
        D. New Technology
        E. Government Regulation

VI.    Phases in Consumer Product Development

VII.   The New Product Development Challenge
        A. Creating the right set of development projects
             1. Different types of projects
             2. Product line architecture and Aggregate Project Planning (APP)
        B. Executing these projects on target, on time and on budget
             1. Different types of team structure
             2. Different types of development process
        C. Learning across projects
             1. The role of measurement and incentive systems
             2. Projects as a “school” for leaders

VIII.  What is a New Product Development Process?
        A. Stage Gate Process
        B. How It Works?
        C. The Components of a New Development Process
             1. Stages
             2. Gates
             3. Gatekeepers

IX.     New Product Development Process: Stage 0 to 6

X.      Factors Common to Successful New Products

XI.     Classic Symptoms of Poor Market Research

XII.    New Products Pipeline: Balance, Issues, and Lessons Why Some Fail

XIII.   10 Drivers of New Product Success

XIV.   Valuable Lessons on Speed to Market

XV.    Product Attractiveness Scorecard

XVI.   Key Questions to Answer All The Way Through

XVII.  Sequence of Product Testing

XVIII. Key Decisions Throughout the Process

XIX.   New Products Marketing: Proven Principles and Actual Cases

SEMINAR FEE PER PERSON: P7,980 (Fee covers Meals, Resource Kit, Certificate of Attendance)


Less 5% for early registrants (on registrations made on or before August 2, 2011)
Less 5% for early payment (if made on or before August 22, 2011)
Less 5% for group registration (minimum of 3 participants)

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Download: Flyer - Black&White (.PDF 386kb)
             Course Outline (.PDF 193kb)